How To Start Your Own Online College

This hub provides you with the absolute, most comprehensive list of websites on the internet for learning, online courses, degrees, and knowledge in general. In addition to colleges, the K-12 system is also expanding into online education and opportunities for gaining experience may be available in this course

However, you might be able to get a job in a support area helping to design or manage online courses and then use that experience to qualify for an online teaching position at a college.

Also, unlike public schools, charter schools are rewarded for efficiency in that they get to keep all revenue generated in excess of expenses and online courses can be a cost efficient delivery alternative for some courses.

Since most charter schools are small, you probably won't find work directly with such a school, but should online course rather seek employment with a company or organization that provides online classes to charter schools.

However, most parents are not experts in all subjects and this has given rise to a new industry that provides both traditional materials and curriculum as well as online classes to parents who are home schooling their children.

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