seo training courses


Introduction To Search Engine optimization (SEO)

Introduction to SEO
Short description of SEO in general
This will only serve to highlight the uses of these languages for SEO
SEO techniques
Ways in which we implement SEO
Viewing and measuring results
How to maintain your SEO campaign
Basic overview of On page and Off page Optimization

Time Duration – 1 month
Total – 10-12 class (extra class if needed)
Total hour – 20-36 hours
24 hours online

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Advanced Search engine optimization (SEO) Courses

GF101 Blogging for Business
GF102 Introduction to Seo
GF201 Intro to Social Media and Building Community
GF202 Successful Business Uses for Facebook and LinkedIn
GF301 Viral Marketing and World Wide Raves
GF 401 Advanced SEO Tactics
CV101 Calls to Action and Landing Page Best Practices
CV201 Webinar: Inbound Lead Nurturing
CV301 Webinar: Successful Email Marketing
GF402 PR for Inbound Marketing
GF501 Twitter for Business
Advanced Marketing Analytics
GF502 Passion-Inspired Video

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