Advanced Google Adwords PPC Courses

Chapter 1: The Power of Pay Per Click

Mike Herberts’ pay per click success story
Google AdWords
The 7 stages of a successful AdWords campaign
The benefits of PPC
The content network
Some important terms in AdWords

Chapter 2: AdWords essentials

How Google ranks adverts
The structure of Google AdWords
Ad groups
Return  on investment (ROI)

Chapter 3: Match types & bids

Positive match types
Negative match types
Keyword bidding
Bid stacking

Chapter 4: Keyword research

Set your goals
The long tail
The customer journey
Picking the right keywords
Planning AdWords campaigns
Create a campaign-wide list of keywords
Create a campaign-wide list of negative keywords
Back-up campaign-wide list of positive keywords
Create ad groups

Chapter 5: Mastering ad copy

The power of AdWords ad copy
Check out the competition
Review your ad group
Write your headline
Write your description
Write display & destination URLs
Always be testing different ads
Ad copy worksheet

Chapter 6: Building your AdWords campaign step-by-step
Create a new keyword campaign
Your first ad group
Your first ad
Add keywords
Add default bids
Add ‘ad group negative keywords’
Add the bid stack
More ads
Build the landing page
Add more ad groups
Refine and add campaign-level negative keywords
Adding AdWords conversion code

Chapter 7: Tools & rules for AdWords optimization

Find new keywords with the ‘Search term’ report
Over 80% bounce  rate
80/20 rule
1% CTR
200 & 7 days
A/B/C/D testing
Quality Score of 7

Course duration : 3 month
Total  : 40 class
Total hour : 120 hours
24 hours online support.
2 month practical & support over online.
PC per person Usages
Course fee – 35000 TK


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