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Academic plans are often short of to the background for several reasons. Many organizations are started to use this software and are hiring those peoples who have the knowledge of this SAP software with a handsome remuneration.

Of the 15 courses offered through Duke, one in particular may give teachers quite a shock—a quantitative approach to bioelectricity Originating in the biomedical engineering department of online course the Pratt School of Engineering, the course presents the fundamental principles of how the electrical bits and pieces of the human body operate, including nerves, the heart and the brain.

The course teaches students how to think about electrically active tissue in terms of individual mechanisms, and how to analyze the mechanisms quantitatively as well as describe them qualitatively.

The course was developed in the summer of 2012 by Roger Barr , professor of biomedical engineering, with the help of Amy Kenyon and other staff members in Center for Instructional Technology , as well as Zahra Asgari, an engineering graduate student at the time. 

While it was not developed especially for high school teachers, it was understood that high school teachers would perhaps be among the students who would enroll, and indeed they have done so each time the online course has been course


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